Curriculum Vitæ

Personal information

Name: Anthon van der Neut

Mobile (private): +49 1520 4727244

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Born: 12 September 1961, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Family status: Married, one son (born June 1999), one daughter (born February 2001).

Objective: I want to work in an environment that enables me to combine my knowledge and experience in the following areas:

I am particularly interested in managing and organising the often chaotic development process and in making the development organisation into a more productive working environment, but still a fun place to be. Participation in the development process as a manager, is in my view, an essential part of keeping in touch with the rapidly changing field of software development. I expect professional contacts with other organisations to be an integral part of my job, including speaking at and attending relevant conferences.

Professional Experience

2001 - 2009


Avid Development GmbH / Pinnacle Systems GmbH / Pinnacle Systems Inc
Sausalito, CA, USA / Braunschweig, Germany

Director of Engineering. Managed the development team that released Commotion 4, and that later developed the RTFx (Real Time Effects) engine as used in Pinnacle's Liquid/Edition and Studio. With the release of Studio 9, RTFx will be the effects plug-in hosts with the worlds largest installed user base. Later was responsible for the more hardware oriented Deko and Thunder development teams.

Director of Quality Management. Responsible for the development of process standards within Pinnacle's broadcast division.

Director of Configuration Management.Responsible for the development, implemenation and introduction of process standards within Pinnacle's Engineering department

"Toolmaster" As a non official effort, developed various tools for distributed test tracking (used by several QA departments), for tracking of time spent by employees on external projects (used by Finance) and for statistical analysis of the information in the defect tracking system.
To support the distributed development organisation within Pinnacle without relying on all the engineering offices to be available all of the time, I set up a company wide network of CVS servers that automatically keeps the remotely developed components used for locally developed applications in sync.

Liason officer for Pinnacle with the DVD Copy Control Association. As one of the things we develop is DVD playback software.

Managed up to 25 reports (direct and indirect).



San Francisco, USA

Director of Software Development. Objective was to implement a rich media, personalised, broadband Internet based news service. Unfortunately Zatso died in the .com crunch

November, 1998 to 2000


Consultant. Various jobs for clients in Germany, Egypt, Belgium and The Netherlands.

February, 1998 to November, 1998


Riverland Research
Zaventem, Belgium

Consultant. Defined and implemented a strategy for molecular nanotechnology research and development.

November, 1997 to October, 1998


Amadeus Computing
Bregenz, Austria

Consultant. Definition of project for web-box development, sponsored by the Austrian government. Novel developments include keyboard less web-access for the large group of buyers not used to working with a keyboard, especially not while sitting in a living room watching their television screen.

September, 1996 to December 1997


Comunicación Integral
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

Consultant, VP of Engineering Streamlined the development process for Jaleo (a non-linear editing/compositing system) by introducing project management, bug reporting and tracking systems, configuration management and revision control, Internet connectivity and an intranet web-site.

November, 1994 to August, 1996


Cinebase software (formerly Integrated Research-Visual f/x)
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

VP of Engineering. Manager of the Cinebase and Harmony/Integrated Video development teams consisting of 11 people. Responsible for the first commercial release of Cinebase. Selection and hiring of new developers. Designed most of the 2.0 release of Cinebase. Supported European distributors (Germany, England) in defining customer specific extensions to Cinebase.

September, 1991 to September, 1994


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Technical Director. Managed the 3DGO product development team that consisted of up to twelve people. Responsible for the first commercial release of 3DGO and for extensions like a Nurbs modeller module, an implicit surface module, a particles module, interfaces for CAD programs, and ports to other platforms. Tasks included financial management of the development process, configuration management, and recruitment. Introduced new interfacing techniques using TCL/Tk and improvements to the software development process.
3DGO was available for Irix, Dec Ultrix, Sun, HP and Linux

March, 1987 to April, 1991


Modern Medium
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Co-founder and President. Involved in all aspects of the company's activities. Modern Medium organised the complete portfolio of computer courses for architecture, film and music students at the Amsterdam School of Arts. Co-designed and implemented Axis (a 3D modeller for architects running on IBM PC and Atari ST) and Renderstar (a Z-buffer based renderer for Axis and AutoCAD models). Several thousand copies of the Renderstar renderer have been sold world-wide. Wrote most of the plans for the curriculum for the post-academic courses in architecture, based on which the School of Arts was given a government grant of 2.5 million guilders. Tasks included: managing the development effort, researching new technologies, writing strategic planning documents, programming, teaching classes in general computer use. Modern Medium employed eleven people.

January, 1986 to February, 1987


Leiden, The Netherlands

Consultant. Primary activities were assisting in the selection and purchase of personal computer hardware and software and defining strategies for the implementation of custom software.

November, 1983 to January, 1986


Leiden University
Leiden, The Netherlands

Programmer/System manager. Implemented a system for teaching children mathematical skills based on Computer Assisted Learning. The last year of this assignment was primarily spent designing new ways of using computers in the learning process and managing three programmers who were added to the team.

Open Source

I have made smaller contributions beyond bug fixes to several open source programs, with the result that my name and email address is in almost any Linux distribution (and a side affect a lot of spam).

I made RPMs for the reiserfs utilties before the Reiser File System became standerd part of the linux kernel and common distros.

After first adding to the /etc/magic (now often /usr/share/misc/magic I later update the file command to prevent double entries for <HTML> and <html>

Provided RPMs for cvsup, which is heavily used within Pinnacle.


1979 to 1992


Leiden University
Leiden, The Netherlands

Mathematics and Japanese. Graduated in General Linguistics, specialising in computational linguistics and automatic translation.


I spoke at the 2006 Python conference in Dallas, Texas on "Extending the life of CVS with Python", and I have attended Europython several times.
I was at the June 2006 Ubuntu conference in Paris, primarily to satisfy my curiosity and as a side effect to evaluate switching Pinnacle's servers from SuSE + CVS and CVSUP to Ubuntu and Bazaar-NG.

I have been attending NAB, Siggraph and IBC conferences for several years. In the past I also attended Microsoft's first annual developer conference for MFC, and their more recent efforts on .NET, the Foresight Institute conferences on Nanotechnology, the Apple developer conference, SGI's Multimedia Conference and the first conference on ACIS, a kernel modelling system for Nurbs.


February, 1998 to 2001


European Molecular Nanotechnology Institute
Brussels, Belgium

Co-founder and visionary. The EMNI is a not for profit organisation formed to support and guide European efforts in Molecular Nanotechnology. The EMNI has been co-operating with Foresight (Europe) and the broader nanotechnology oriented CISMI.



Workgroup High Performance Computing and -Networking
The Hague, The Netherlands

Consultant. As member of the advisory board, I advised the Dutch government on investments for the research and development of HPCN.



Dutch Motorola 68000 user group
The Hague, The Netherlands

Founding president. Organised meetings and seminars, making the possibilities of the then new microprocessor, known to a wider audience.



Student Society Augustinus
Leiden, The Netherlands

Treasurer for exploitation. Responsible for financial management of the bar and restaurant, with an annual turnover of DFL 700.000

I am member of the ACM and senior associate of the Foresight Institute.


My management skills flow from over 20 years of experience in running software projects with multiple people.

I have knowledge of object oriented design and programming (although involved with these techniques primarily as a manager) and have worked with techniques such as the Booch methodology, UML, Design Patterns, Refactoring, eXtreme Programming, SEI's CMM and their Personal Software Process.

My programming experience includes (in order of most to least current fluency): Python, C++, C, Shell programming, Java, Modula-2, Pascal and some other, less well known, languages. I keep my programming skills fresh by developing some of the tools or contributing to small areas of program I manage, as in my experience that is vital to keep my skills honed, and understand the issues with the project at hand.

I can use the Dutch, English and German languages in professional environment. I do have a, somewhat stale, base knowledge of French and Japanese and can find my way around using Spanish.

I am a PADI Divemaster, which qualifies me to assist in professional training courses for scuba diving. I have done so on a regular basis before but unfortunately have not been able to do so recently.

I practice shotokan karate on a regular basis, often together with my son and daughter.